Suspended animation


Shargath’s heavy and outrageous sound is inspired by a wide range of influences, from experimental to death metal music. Performed with energy and groove by five motivated and hard-working musicians based in Brussels, Shargath is now ready to spread its music through a web-based free download platform.
Shargath’s live experience is powerful and amazing. The attitude and vision they propose is atypical and far from the clichés of the genre.
The five guys have played with various artists like Gojira, Paul Di’Anno, Length Of Time, Eths, Recidiv, Le Singe Blanc, Code 314 and many more. By seeing and listening to them, you will have a great time drinking fresh beers and head banging…

Some review quotes of Bowel sounds of a deaf man :

”...Music is super heavy, very grinding, very fast and on Hairdressing Room, the music reminded me of Meshuggah with the insane off time beats…”
Jen’s Metal Page (USA)

”...Der Sound ist auch recht dick und brachial. Klingt zudem sehr modern das Ganze…”
W O F (DE)

”...SHARGATH a l’expérience de la scène et cela s’en ressent. Le groupe fait dans la concision et l’efficacité...”
Metal Impact (fr)

”...Although their songs are short and compact, Shargath add a lot of elements into their compositions, making every listening session a new journey of discovery…”
Disagreement (Lux)

”...Überhaupt scheinen SHARGATH von Regeln und Konventionen sehr wenig zu halten, so arbeiteten sie
bereits mit Musikern aus so unterschiedlichen Genres wie Hip Hop, Experimental, Hardcore, Metal und Electro zusammen…”
Earschot (Austria)

”...Try and get it while you can! Personally, I feel the guys HAVE deserved a new deal, but I DO hope the official album will include some extra tracks, because 31:25 IS a bit short, wouldn’t you agree? Meanwhile, this gets classified into that “Best (Demo) Albums Of 2007”-list of mine…”
ConcreteWeb (Be)

”...Den tiltrængte variation indtræffer først rigtigt på sidste nummer, “Dying at a Trendy Party”, som efter ca. 1 minut har en rolig (og foruroligende) passage i stil med bands som Mr. Bungle og Dog Fashion Disco…”
Heavymetal (DK)

”...The musical jigsaw pieces fit together perfectly, yet the tracks are no singalong songs…”
Corazine (Be)

”...Mais ce qui domine par dessus tout avec excellence, c’est le son, on ne peut plus correct par sa puissance et sa clarté!...”
Les acteurs de l’ombre (F)

”...Belgian based Shargath eschew blackened bombast in favour of death metal located within a very modern sounding and urban context, with more than a dab of hardcore…”
Chronicles of chaos (Can – World)

” ne me suis pas ennuyé du tout !! La faute aux riffs extrêmement efficaces distillés sans parcimonie aucune, à une rage, une conviction jamais prise en défaut et surtout une voix, mes frères, rageuse, profonde et magnifique…”

Metallize-it (Be : fanzine)

”...Belgium’s Shargath wound up surprising my ears with this rather brutal 9 track offering which showcases the band dabbling in a world of down tuned, slithering guitar antics, thick punishing grooves, and an overall sound that will get the blood in your veins flowing quite quickly…”
Imhotep (NO)